The Queen is Humbled

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There’s been a fair amount of activity swirling me up in its nexus of late…
The Franti/Spearhead/Soja/Brett Dennen/Trevor Hall concert was excellent and I met another wild dancing fool to bust some moves with; she and I just went for lunch and a drinky-poo yesterday. I whiled away some time in my old stomping grounds in Bellingham on my way up to visit my sis in Vancouver for my birthday. This obviously included a trip to the ever tasty Casa Que Pasa, replete with a scrumptious burrito and margarita. I found a couple sweet items to indulge myself in from the Mad Hatter vintage clothing store and chatted with a local street rat studying to become a hairdresser.
My trip to Vancouver was stellar, although if you’re not careful, the rain can get you down…wah, wah, wahhhh! The cultural influences are diverse enough that signs help one figure how to properly use the facilities!
All the rush and hullabaloo of consecutive trips, my 40th, and the odd happenings here since I’ve been back, including a health scare, have made me consider just how much I still have to learn. Sometimes I realize that this maturity that I expected to reach is not an absolute, and at times I have to seek it.


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