Pockington Bubbles, A Study in Stank

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My faithful and protective dog Paco, who I found at the Port Angeles, WA pound, has been with me for 5 years, half of his life. He has been a joy and a challenge since day one, but has found a way to coexist with us and enhance our lives (for the most part).
As you may remember, we took a 3 month trip to Alberta this winter. In planning for the trip, I realized that yet again, we would be heading out cross country with Paco in the back seat. He was in good health and relatively decent smelling, but I thought, maybe I should get him some greenies, a dog biscuit that cleans their teeth and freshens their breath.
However, the helpful girl at the store mentioned that if you don’t continue feeding them after you start, the breath returns to its original odor. That didn’t sound great as I don’t like to be committed to buying something perpetually if it’s not a must-have. She suggested a powder that repopulates the mouth with good bacteria, which are supposed to quell the bad, odiferous bacteria. A 1/4 tsp daily was supposed to do the trick.
Unfortunately, I don’t know when I have a good thing going as Paco’s breath really wasn’t that bad for dog breath. Once he got a few weeks of powder doses, his breath became so overpowering that my daughter now refers to his mouth as his stink cannon.
Ah, the well-touted and popular myth of “beneficial bacteria” strikes again…just kidding, I know there is such a thing, it’s just feeling a bit like the idea of Bigfoot to someone who hasn’t had the living crap scared out of them by something freakish on the Dosewallips. Just feeling like a rube who blew a stupid amount of money on miniature good bugs I can’t see that actually made the situation worse. Tasty good bugs, according to Paco, since he would actually wait for the powder to be put on the food instead of trying to scarf down the kibble the second it hit his bowl.
Needless to say, the trip to Canada and back seemed to take longer than it actually did, all due to the overwhelming olfactory assault. I don’t even want to tell you what my kid calls Paco’s other end!


Mckenzie River Rafting



Yesterday I took a giggle-filled voyage with two friends and their raft on 13 miles of the Mckenzie River. The dogwoods are blooming, there were trillium everywhere, and I even got to see a wild orchid. The high was 60 degrees, it rained a bit and the sun popped out here and there.
Thankfully, I’d donned my wetsuit because the water was cold and the splashes were plentiful! We had separately ended up choosing the same kind of beer for the cooler…Worthy IPA in a can. Sooo good! But, whew, you feel them after just a couple.
I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time. It’s amazing how funny my girlfriend was, and I was hilarious in return, just like when my sis and I get on a roll!
It was especially funny when the raft made a big motion that knocked me backwards off the cooler and I ended up like a turtle with my head in my guy friend’s lap, feet in the air! All I could think of was that I might be keeping him from steering and keeping us on course.
The river was beautiful, such blue clean water. The moss and gorgeous spring green foliage were enchanting and the fresh forest scent was intoxicating. I am so ready to do this again, and my girlfriend would like to hike the three sisters portion of the PCT with me this summer. I’m really looking forward to some good times ahead!


Wahoo, Spring Adventures Abound!


I had such a sweet time today meeting a buddy up at Mt. Bachelor this morning when almost no one showed up because it was supposed to be rainy with a high of 55 degrees. The precip was variable, at times sleety/ice pelletty and turning to snow as it cooled thru the afternoon, but the surface was soft and barely tracked…so nice to check out runs I rarely make it to.

Then I got in a visit to a newish local brewery with another new friend for a couple awesome IPA’s. Such great conversation, easily spilled and absorbed…so thankful for my full life.

Just received a text from the couple I floated 17 miles of the upper Deschutes with that wants to take me on the MacKenzie River on Monday for a wee bit o white water. Really got my stoke on, and not even concerned about working tomorrow. Life’s unpredictable, but good, and I just hope most folks I know will have the chance to feel like I do right now. Great blessings are upon us, and we just have to look and be open to them.

Spring Morning at the Redmond Caves

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Today was a fantastic morning to go on a little hike around the Redmond caves. I started early on with a walk of my dog, when I took the pic of the full moon, already an exhilarating start to the morning. There are apparently 3 caves one can enter, and I never went very far into them since I was alone and my mini flashlight and headlamp seemed weak. Besides, toward the back of one of them, after I’d already made my way in quite far, there was something shining or reflecting that disappeared when I shone my light on it…freaky. I made no hesitation in bee lining out of there. The caves are such easy access and right next to the road, very short hike to get to even the furthest.

The Big-Ass Eraser of Loss


I’d loved so much of the time we spent together that it physically tore a hole in me when you pulled out of our friendship. It left a void still palpable even into the imagined days of future times I hoped we would enjoy. I have a CD you never heard that I think you’d be tickled by. I wanted to pick your brain on gear choices. I wanted to revel
in our differences and celebrate our similarities, dance in the over-spilling joy of our union.

And all that’s missing now. Though you claim victimization by someone else, I’ve been robbed of a hugely fun and motivating part of my life by your absence. Nature abhors a vacuum, and as with nature, this hole will be filled…with space, with life, with time and magic.

I was spun by your sudden withdrawal from and re-entry into my life. Then, quick as a face slap, you retreated again. Maybe you are hurting me because you feel hurt. I want to embrace joy with you again like when we danced at the Further concert. At the least, I hope you always know that if you need someone, I’m around. If you never get in touch with me, you’ll be missed and time will mark those moments we shared as some very happy memories upon which I must forge new.



A Note of Gratitude


Just wanted to express my thankfulness for all the many blessings I’m becoming aware of in my life. I’ve got great family and friends and a dog that makes me exercise, a new (for me) mt bike, a spring pass to the mountain, and friends that are taking me rafting today on the upper Deschutes. Life is good and I’m a lucky woman. I get to work, play, laugh, ride my snowboard and have a killer IPA.