Dissolution and Resurgence


Seems like every year around this time I go through this purgative re-ordering of things in my life. Typically, it begins with me getting physically sick with something like bronchitis or a sinus infection. Then, like a snake sloughing its skin or a moulting bird, I need to lose some of the excess crap that’s weighing me down: cut my hair, take stuff to the dump or Goodwill, erase several or all my blog entries and begin anew. Tabula rasa!
That is what we have here. I have flushed the old to start again. What initially smacked of loss is beginning to feel lighter and streamlined, more supportive of a fresh beginning than redolent with heavy associations. A do over without mucking about in stale emotions. We’ll see what it brings. To all of you in reading/writing land, many merry wishes in all your endeavors.